SM Entertainment To Open An International K-Pop Academy

SM Entertainment has announced its next business venture: the company will be opening an international K-pop academy in Gangnam.

The new academy, set to open up at the beginning of next year, is a collaboration project with the private Jongno Sky Academy. It will be open to international students as well as Korean citizens who aspire to be entertainers, and will house between 300 and 400 people. Coursework will include the core curriculum subjects of Korean, English, and math, headed by the Jongro Sky Academy, in addition to musical theory, dance, and other related courses, taught by SM staff.

Currently, 70 percent of the students who applied for registration are Chinese and other foreigners, while the remaining 30 percent are Korean citizens. SM gave presentations in China and other foreign countries beginning in November of last year to recruit new students.

Although the school started off as an alternative to the traditional school, it has received official authorization to be recognized as an international school. Both sides of the partnership have expressed interest in opening up a branch school in China should the flagship school prove to be successful.

What are your thoughts on a new international K-pop academy?

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