Watch: BTS’s V And Jungkook Bring Out Their BIGBANG Fanboy Side Covering “If You” And “Bang Bang Bang”

BTS is known for being huge fans of BIGBANG and they were able to show their fanboy side through “Burning Karaoke” videos from Mnet.

Members V and Jungkook start off their karaoke session with BIGBANG’s “If You” and set the mood. It’s apparent that they are familar with the song as they are able to cover it effortlessly all the while being entertaining.

Also, Jungkook shares an important karaoke tip and recommends starting and ending karaoke sessions with BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang.” The boys get the party started with high energy as they cover “Bang Bang Bang.” Jungkook channels G-Dragon and is able to rap impressively. They even bust out dance moves and prove their skills as they sing live.

Watch their covers below!