Akdong Musician Reveals Some Of Their Closest Celebrity Friends

Akdong Musician recently appeared on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” radio show on May 27, where they talked about their close celebrity friends.

During the program, Lee Soohyun says, “My closest [celebrity friend] is Lee Hi, who’s close in age to me, and the iKON members.”

She further explains, “The first actress I got close to was Kim Yoo Jung, who was the MC for one of the music shows when I was promoting with Lee Hi. I worked up the courage to tell her that I wanted to become friends. At first, she seemed to be taken aback when I told her to become comfortable with me since we’re the same age. The next week, she awkwardly linked arms with me and asked, ‘Soohyun, can I have your number?’ Touched by her actions, I gave her my number right away. She even moved close to my house recently, so we’ve been seeing each other a lot. I’m so happy I can be close with people my age.”

akdong musician 2

Her brother Lee Chanhyuk reveals, “I want to become close with Ryu Jun Yeol. A few days ago, I got to know the group SEVENTEEN and I’ve been keeping contact with them ever since. I’m also close with Yoo Seung Woo. However, these days I’ve been hanging out more with some of my non-celebrity friends.”

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician recently made a comeback with their new album “Spring Vol. 1” on May 4, which has been performing well on the charts.

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