WINNER Says “Half-Moon Friends” Kids Are Like Family To Them Now

WINNER has become very close with the “Half-Moon Friends” children now!

On the most recent episode of the show from May 28, WINNER and the kids seem to have gotten very close after throwing a pajama party together.

During Kim Jinwoo’s individual interview, he says, “The children felt like family since we’re together until late at night.”

WINNER Half-Moon Friends 3

Lee Seunghoon explains, “Now that we’re comfortable with each other, the kids are starting to not listen to the teachers. It makes us reproach them more often.”

WINNER Half-Moon Friends 4

Kang Seungyoon adds, “I don’t think that letting the kids do whatever they want is the best way to raise them.”

WINNER Half-Moon Friends 2

Song Mino reveals, “I was distant with them at first, but my heart melts like snow watching them. You can’t help but love them.”

Are you enjoying watching WINNER and the kids on “Half-Moon Friends”?

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