Daebak And Big Sis Soo Ah Show Their Love For Each Other In Sweet Photos

Two members of Lee Dong Gook’s big family are showing just how much they love each other in some new photos!

On May 29, Lee Dong Gook’s wife Lee Soo Jin shared a collage of photos of her son Daebak and daughter Soo Ah to her Instagram. In the photos, the young pair wear matching adorable pink Mickey Mouse sweaters. Soo Ah gives Daebak a kiss on the forehead in one photo, and then seems to be tickling him as Daebak laughs happily at the attention and love from his big sister.

Lee Soo Jin also shared another set of photos on May 29, this time of just Daebak as he shows off his adorable aegyo while playing with bubble wrap and bubbles.

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You can catch more of Daebak, Soo Ah, and the rest of their family every Sunday on KBS’s “The Return of Superman”!