Watch: Tiffany Is A Crazy American Girlfriend In “SNL Korea” Skit

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany recently showed off her acting skills in the “3-Minute Girlfriend” skit on “SNL Korea.”

Tiffany appeared as the host of the May 28 episode. In the skit, she plays the many different girlfriend clichés to humorous results. The skit is based on a previous “3-Minute Little Sister” skit.

SNL Korea Tiffany

First, Kwon Hyuk Soo (the boyfriend) gets “my other half” concept, which quickly goes awry as Tiffany follows him to his company and proves to be a nuisance. From there, Tiffany transforms into the “first love” and the “terminally ill” girl.

In the “American girlfriend” concept, she wears tight clothing and has a sexy appeal, even performing a sultry car wash before it turns out that the people walking by are horrified and the car doesn’t even belong to her boyfriend.


When her boyfriend invites her to meet his parents, she greets them informally, frequently speaks English, and throws a drinking party with her American friends at the parents’ house. When Hyuk Soo gets angry and yells at her, she pulls out a gun.

Tiffany also acted out concepts such as the “announcer” and “ex-girlfriend.” Finally, Tiffany appears as an “ordinary” girlfriend, much to Kwon Hyuk Soo’s satisfaction, but the skit ends with Tiffany asking, “Is there anything different about me?”

Watch the hilarious “American girlfriend” skit below!

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