Daebak, Seol Ah, And Soo Ah’s Reactions Surprise Lee Dong Gook At Their First Dentist Appointment

On the recent episode of “The Return of Superman” that aired on May 29, Seol Ah, Soo Ah, and Daebak visit the dentist for the first time.

During Lee Dong Gook’s interview, he says, “This is the first time taking the kids to the dentist. I am curious to see how they will react.”

This being the first time, the children look like they are filled with curiosity rather being nervous or scared.

the return of superman 2

The first up is Daebak. He first observes his how his dad gets his teeth checked and seems a bit nervous. However, Daebak soon loosens up after taking interest in the dental mirror, putting it inside his mouth by himself. Thankfully, his turn ends without a fuss.

the return of superman 3

Seol Ah, too, remains calm during her check-up. When the doctor asks if Seol Ah ever played dentist before, she says, “Yes.” She finishes the check-up without crying, and the same goes for Soo Ah!

the return of superman 4

Seeing his children behaving well during their first visit to the dentist, Lee Dong Gook is in awe, saying, “These kids are amazing.”

the return of superman 5

During his interview, Lee Dong Gook explains, “I thought the kids would have a fit. It was fascinating, and I felt proud seeing them being brave.”

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