GOT7’s Jackson Gives Hilarious Response To Question About Prettiest Girl Group

On the May 29 broadcast of MBC’s variety show “Real Men,” GOT7’s Jackson gives a hilarious answer to a tricky question about his picks for the prettiest girl groups.

In this episode, the new soldiers take turns giving self-introductions to their fellow cast members. Jackson greets everyone by saying, “I’m GOT7’s Jackson. GOT7 is a group that knows how to do martial arts. Can I demonstrate?”

Earning cheers and shouts from the audience, Jackson impresses everyone with his tumbling. When asked if his feet don’t hurt after the intense moves, he immediately confesses, “They hurt.”

Jackson is then asked to share his favorite girl groups, to which he responds by naming his fellow JYP Entertainment groups TWICE, Wonder Girls, and miss A.

Dissatisfied with Jackson’s answer, the soldiers tell Jackson to name girl groups that are not under the same agency as him. Once again, Jackson manages to avoid the question by replying, “My contract is still valid, so it’s hard for me to disclose that information. I can share that with you in four years,” causing everyone to burst into laughter over his witty response.


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