Seol Ah And Soo Ah Learn To Protect Daebak And Themselves From Strangers On “The Return Of Superman”

Daebak is kept safe by his reliable older sisters on KBS2’s “The Return Of Superman”!

On the May 29 episode of the show, Lee Dong Gook plays with his three youngest children at a playground.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar man approaches the kids while their father and the show’s staff are away. The stranger is in fact in cahoots with their father, who asked him to help the children practice how to react in case a stranger attempts to kidnap them.

daebak seol ah soo ah lee dong gook

Just as Lee Dong Gook requested, the man offers them candy and asks them if they want to go play somewhere else. Seol Ah and Soo Ah fall for the temptation of the candy and hold his hands, while Daebak doesn’t protest when the man starts carrying him away.

Their father’s mouth drops open in shock as he watches this from afar, and hurriedly runs to his children, shouting, “Where are you going?”

He then repeatedly tells them, “Dad will buy you candy later, so don’t accept candy from someone else.”

After teaching them what to do, Lee Dong Gook enlists the help of another man who approaches the kids for a second test.

daebak soo ah seol ah lee dong gook

This time, Seol Ah takes a firm stand for her little brother and yells at the stranger, “No, you can’t take him. He’s dad’s. Go away!”

Even then, she and Soo Ah accept the candy the man gives them as he tells Daebak, “Should we go buy candy for you, too?” This alarms Seol Ah, who decides to feed Daebak her own candy to prevent him from being swayed, and again yells “No!” at the man.

Seeing this, Lee Dong Gook walks back to his children and happily praises Seol Ah for protecting her little brother.

Watch the full episode below!

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