Watch: TWICE And Yeo Jin Goo To Play Classic Name Tag Ripping Game With Cast On “Running Man”

“Running Man” is going back to its roots by bringing back the fan-favorite name tag ripping game in the next episode!

It’s been a while now since viewers have seen the cast playing the game with their guests, as the show has been focused more on the members themselves than games lately, particularly after new PD Lee Hwan Jin has taken over. Although this has led to many fun episodes, some fans have been hoping to see the name tag ripping game again soon, as it used to be such a staple of the show.

Fans may therefore be pleased to see that in next week’s episode, the cast will be playing the game with guests TWICE and Yeo Jin Goo! The preview for next week that was aired at the end of May 29’s episode shows the cast and Yeo Jin Goo carrying out missions on a farm, in a mud flat, and out on a fishing boat. It also shares clips of the cast, Yeo Jin Goo, and TWICE playing the name tag ripping game in a museum, and it looks just as intense as ever!

Check out the preview below.

Are you looking forward to a return of the name tag ripping game on next Sunday’s episode of “Running Man”?