“The Show” Responds To SEVENTEEN Fans’ Concerns About Possible Error In Ranking

Following the controversy regarding miscalculation of points on last week’s “Music Bank,” fans of SEVENTEEN have expressed concern over the voting results of last week’s “The Show.”

On the May 24 episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” AOA was announced as the week’s winner with 8,192 points, while SEVENTEEN came in second with 8,076 points, making the difference only 116 points. In case of a miscalculation, SEVENTEEN could potentially be the actual winner for that week.

What sets “The Show” apart from other music shows is its partnership with leading Chinese streaming site Tudou. The show is broadcast live via Tudou each week, and half of the votes for the winner come from Chinese viewers. The winner for “The Show” is calculated based on pre-broadcast fan votes (70 percent; Korea 35 percent + China 35 percent), real-time domestic votes (15 percent), and real-time Chinese votes (15 percent).

Now, fans of SEVENTEEN have demanded an explanation from “The Show” over an error that made it allegedly impossible to vote for SEVENTEEN through the Chinese site. Posts on online discussions boards claim that SEVENTEEN’s pre-broadcast points were inaccurate as the numbers didn’t increase after fans paid and cast their votes, while AOA maintained first place with a maximum score of 99.99 for four consecutive days. It can also be seen that SEVENTEEN’s points fluctuated over the same time period, raising speculation about a possible error in the voting procedure.

the show

Addressing these claims, “The Show” has admitted that there are occasional errors in the Chinese pre-broadcasting voting process. “As the errors occur on the Chinese side, it’s difficult to immediately fix them from Korea. It’s true that temporary errors affected SEVENTEEN’s votes.”

But the show’s representative says they sorted out the situation and the final results are accurate. “For the results announced during the live broadcast, however, we restored the points that were omitted due to errors. Thus, the ranking is correct, and AOA takes No.1 while SEVENTEEN comes in second.”

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