Stephanie Lee Joins Kim Hee Ae And Ji Jin Hee To Create Love Triangle In Upcoming SBS Drama

On May 31, an inside source revealed to news outlet Osen that Stephanie Lee has been confirmed for SBS’s upcoming weekend drama “Second to Last Love” (tentative title). She will be portraying Joon Woo’s past lover named Min Ji Sun.

Joon Woo’s older brother Go Sang Shik (Ji Jin Hee) will have a romance develop with Kang Min Joo (Kim Hee Ae) after having several quarrels. Stephanie Lee will form a love triangle with the pair.

“Second to Last Love” is a remake of the Japanese drama “Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi.” The drama will feature a love story between civil servant Go Sang Shik and PD Kang Min Joo who both encounter a second type of adolescence as they fall in love in their forties.

The drama will be helmed by PD Choi Young Hoon who worked on “High Society” and “A Word From Warm Heart,” and writer Choi Yoon Jung who wrote for “Emergency Couple” and “Mister Baek.”

Other cast members include Kim Seul Gi, Lee Soo Min, and more. It appears as though the actor for Joon Woo’s role has yet to be officially cast.

“Second to Last Love” will air in July following the end of “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim.”

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