Watch: MAMAMOO Sings Ode To A Moisturizing Mask In New Commercial MV

MAMAMOO has teamed up with Leaders Cosmetic to release a commercial featuring their hit track “Um Oh Ah Yeah” – this time with lyrics about a moisturizing mask!

The commercial music video for Leaders Cosmetic’s Coconut Water Gel Mask was released on June 1, featuring all four members of MAMAMOO singing about their love for the product. The video starts out with the members talking about how they name is now “MAMAMOOL,” as “Mool” is the Korean word for water.

We then see various cute scenes of the members with the masks, as well as singing and dancing with coconuts, Solar hanging out in a coconut bath, Moonbyul showing off the moisturizing effects through a series of Instagram selfies, and Hwasa shooting the other girls in the face with a coconut water gun!

Meanwhile, they’ve changed the song’s lyrics so that they’re singing lines such as, “Oh yes, Coconut pack! I’ll use you everyday, you’re just my kind of pack.” Watch the commercial music video below!