Ga In Presses Charges Against Those Involved In Spreading False Rumors About Explicit Photos

It has been revealed that Ga In has pressed charges against individuals involved in the spreading of malicious and false rumors about her.

The singer actually submitted charges earlier last month against those who circulated the rumors. More specifically, she sued the news outlet and reporter that first circulated the false report for defamation and obstruction of business. The case is currently being investigated.

Last April, Ga In previously suffered from false rumors about her and boyfriend Joo Ji Hoon being in explicit photos from a video. The video in question featured a couple engaging in sexual activities. Rumors began to spread that the female in the video resembled Ga In and falsely identified the singer as the individual in the video.

Following these rumors, the couple’s agencies strongly denied the rumors. Furthermore, Ga In’s agency Mystic Entertainment stated that they would be taking strong action against the perpetrator who first started the rumor as well as circulators of the rumor in addition to the news outlet and reporter that released the article about it.

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