EXID Reveals How Meaningful Their Comeback Album Is

EXID has made their comeback with their first full studio album “Street.”

On June 1, the group held their comeback showcase at Ilchi Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. Their new album features 13 songs including their title track “L.I.E” which member LE participated in the writing and composing for.

The group talks about being able to release their first full studio album after debuting four years ago and say, “We are so nervous and happy to make a comeback with our first full studio album in 2016.”

Solji reveals, “I’m more nervous now than I was when we revealed our very first song. I’m curious about how people will evaluate it.” She continues, “It’s not easy for idol groups to release full studio albums, so I’m deeply moved and nervous at being able to do so. Our song has a different feel from ‘Up & Down’ and ‘Hot Pink,’ so I’m looking forward to everyone’s reactions.”

EXID singing

LE goes in depth about title track “L.I.E” and explains, “In one song there are different emotional changes. Hani being suspicious, Junghwa being sad, Hyelin being hateful, Solji being angry, and LE being furious.”

She further comments, “Since we had a lot we wanted to show fans we prepared and worked hard on this album. I would like for fans to feel our hearts. That’s my wish.”

Junghwa shares, “When we made a comeback with ‘Up & Down,’ we had a showcase here thinking it would be our last album and we couldn’t imagine the song receiving the love that it got.” She adds, “Since we hit the jackpot with ‘Up & Down’ here, I hope ‘L.I.E’ can receive just as much love.”

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