Girl’s Day’s Sojin Gives Life Advice To A Hater In V App Chat Room

Girl’s Day’s Sojin has given a hater a valuable piece of advice.

On June 1, the singer continued her series of live broadcasts on V app entitled “Ssozi is Back,” where she talks to fans while reading the chat window full of their comments. During the show, she sings for her fans and even personally makes calls to them.

As her time on the broadcast runs out, Sojin begins to give her final greetings and says, “Thank you for spending time with me like this.” Right then, a hater appears on the chat box and leaves negative comments.

Slightly taken aback, she says, “I see there are people who leave hateful messages on V app too.”

She continues, “You should spend more time on your own happiness. I hope you won’t spend so much time hating other people, and instead spend your precious time thinking happy thoughts, even if just for a short while.”

That’s good advice for everyone!

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