Baek Ah Yeon Talks About How The Guy Who Inspired “Shouldn’t Have…” Responded To The Track

On June 2’s episode of SBS PowerFM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” radio program, singer Baek Ah Yeon made a guest appearance in celebration of her comeback with “So So.”

During the show, the DJs ask Baek Ah Yeon, “Is the story in the song ‘Shouldn’t Have…’ based on real life?”

baek ah yeon 2

She replies, “Yes. The man in the lyrics actually called me saying it’s a good song. He didn’t even know I was talking about him. I didn’t want our conversation to be long, so I just said thank you.”

Baek Ah Yeon released the track “Shouldn’t Have…” last spring without any promotions at first, but it soon shot to the top of the charts and she then promoted the surprise hit on music shows. In the song, she tells off a guy for leading her on with his words and actions and making her think there was more to their relationship than just friendship.

The young songstress recently made a comeback with her new single “So So.” Have you listened to Baek Ah Yeon’s new single album yet?

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