I.O.I Kim Sohye’s Agency Responds To Reports About Acting Debut

On June 3, a report concerning I.O.I’s Kim Sohye planning on starting acting was released. It claimed that her agency was planning to have her act if she received any good lovecalls for acting projects during a period that I.O.I is inactive.

Furthermore, the article stated that Kim Sohye was originally a trainee to become an actress. Apparently, I.O.I is planning on having two group promotions and two unit group promotions before the group disbands in January 2017. The unit group members have not been confirmed yet.

However, her agency Redline Entertainment denied the report and said, “It’s not true that Kim Sohye is considering acting during a period when I.O.I is inactive. It appears as though they were misinformed due to her past comments on a show about wanting to act.”

The agency representative continued, “It’s true that when [trainees] are young they concentrate on singing, dancing, and acting. Kim Sohye will focus on I.O.I promotions for now.”

Previously, Kim Sohye was a contestant on Mnet’s “Produce 101” and went on to become a member of the project group I.O.I.

Kim Sejeong was also rumored to make a solo debut earlier. What are your thoughts on these reports?

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