This Week In K-Pop MV Releases: EXID, Luna, iKON, XIA, And More – June Week 1

We had a good amount of idol group and solo music video releases this week.

EXID made their comeback with “L.I.E” from their first full album “Street” while iKON returned with “WYD.”

FIESTAR released their digital single “Apple Pie” while CLC dropped their fourth mini album featuring title track “No Oh Oh.” Rookie boy group KNK returned with “Back Again.”

f(x)’s Luna had her solo debut with “Free Somebody” while XIA returned with “Rock the World” from his fourth studio album.

EXID – “L.I.E”

Luna – “Free Somebody”

iKON – “WYD”

XIA – “Rock the World” Feat The Quiett, Automatic

KNK – “Back Again

FIESTAR – “Apple Pie”

CLC – “No Oh Oh”


Heize – “Shut Up & Groove” Feat. DEAN
Song Yu Vin – ” 뼛속까지 너야” Feat Minhyuk of BTOB
Kisum – “2 Glasses of Beer”
Hoody – “Like You”
Chaekyung, Chaewon (April) – “Clock”
Giriboy – “I’m In Touble” Feat. Loco
The Quiett – “Night Flight”
The Quiett – “Your World”
Seo In Young – “Embraced by Your Arms”
SLEEQ – “Liqour”
Yoon Jeong Soo x Kim Sook- You’re the Boss (SM Station)
Live – “God Bless” Feat. Punchnello
I.O.I – ‘Oh! Eclair’ (for Petitzel Eclairs)
Jeon Somi (I.O.I) – Alaska Salmon CF
Coda Bridge – “Come To My Heart”
Sol T – “Curveball”

Lovelyz – “Destiny” (Dance Ver. MV)
Yoon Jong Shin – “Oversleep” Feat. Ken of VIXX
Romeo – “Nightmare” (Dance Practice)

Block B – “Toy” (Japanese Ver.)

Baek Ah Yeon’s “So So” was voted as last week’s favorite new music video, followed by Jonghyun’s “She Is” and “Oh My Girl’s “Windy Day.”

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