Kiha & The Faces Teases Anticipated Comeback With New Studio Album

Kiha & the Faces is set to drop a new album this month!

Marking the band’s comeback after a two-year hiatus, the full-length studio album is expected to be released on June 16. The exciting news was shared on June 2 via the group’s social media accounts, along with a teaser that can be viewed here.

The teaser video starts off with Kiha & the Faces’ debut track “Cheap Coffee” released in 2008, and moves on to introduce the band’s other hit tracks including “Let’s Meet Now” and “Heard It Through the Grapevine.” The final scene shows the members sailing on a boat next to the album release date.

On June 3, the album cover stating “Is There Anyone Who’s An Expert In Loving Me?” was revealed.

kiha and the faces

This release will also celebrate Kiha & the Faces’ eighth debut anniversary.

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