Jellyfish Entertainment Launches Its Own Music Channel “Jelly Box,” Teasers And Artists For 1st Project Released

Update June 4:

Jellyfish Entertainment reveals who the first artists are for its Jelly Box project are with a teaser image: Park Yoon Ha and Yoo Seung Woo. They sing “Summer Night’s Picnic,” to be released June 8, 2016 at midnight.

jelly boxx teaser

Original article:

Jellyfish Entertainment, housing artists like Sung Si Kyung, Seo In Guk, Park Hyo Shin, and VIXX, will be launching its own music channel called Jelly Box.

This new project will tie all of Jellyfish Entertainment’s recent music projects together. Prior to this, VIXX’s Leo and singer Lyn released a duet “Blossom Tears,” and Seo In Guk and rapper Verbal Jint released their collaboration single “I Can’t Live Because Of You,” which was a part of a project headed by the agency called “Y.BIRD From Jellyfish.”

Furthermore, Jellyfish Entertainment continued to do Christmas carol projects ever since 2010. These songs were very successful in the charts every time, so the fans have a sense of trust regarding Jellyfish Entertainment’s songs now.

With the creation of its music channel Jelly Box, the agency hopes to broaden its musical influence to the public.

Jellyfish has recently recently teasers for the first artists to be part of the Jelly Box. The song is likely titled “Summer Night’s Picnic” and it will be released June 8, midnight KST. Watch them below:

Girl version

Boy version

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