Yoon Shi Yoon’s Six-Pack Abs Make Anticipation Rise For Next “Mirror Of The Witch” Episode

Yoon Shi Yoon’s six-pack has been revealed in a new preview still of “Mirror Of The Witch,” and it’s making fans melt.

In the photos, you can see Yoon Shi Yoon’s firm six-pack abs. He has been praised by the audience with his acting in the drama, so his physique is making fans love him even more.

There seems to be a symbol embedded onto his chest. Lee Yi Kyung, playing the character Yo Kwang, is observing the symbol carefully. This symbol supposedly has the ability to repel any black magic, which Hong Joo, played by Yum Jung Ah, is known for.

Yoon Shi Yoon Mirror Of The Witch 2

The staff of “Mirror Of The Witch” hints, “The symbol that blocks black magic has been absorbed by Heo Joon (Yoon Shi Yoon), and there is a reason why it has been placed on his chest. The secret behind the symbol will also be revealed in this week’s episode. This is one of the drama’s turning points so please look forward to it.”

Catch up to the latest episode of “Mirror of the Witch” on Viki:

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