Luna And Yoo Se Yoon Parody Kiss Scenes From “Oh Hae Young Again”

On June 4, f(x)’s Luna joined host and labelmate SHINee’s Jonghyun on the tvN show “SNL Korea.”

In one skit, Luna and comedian Yoo Se Yoon parodied the kiss scenes in the popular drama “Oh Hae Young Again.” Luna plays the role of Seo Hyun Jin, who plays Oh Hae Young, and Yoo Se Yoon plays Eric, who plays Park Do Kyung.

snl Korea

They re-enact the “clam” kiss at the street food cart and the “wall” kiss. But after a few “staff” members grumble about the “boring” kiss scenes, they decide to up the ante and ask the director for a re-shoot.

Yoo Se Yoon Luna

The two of them settle down to enact a dramatic argument between the couple and suddenly Luna gets up and grabs a roll of toilet paper hanging in the background. Yoo Se Yoon grabs her and kisses her, wrapping the toilet paper around them.

f(x) luna yoo se yoon

From there, they go on to perform the “slap” kiss (a must-see), the “soju bottle” kiss (probably not what you expect), and the “Bosingak” kiss (not seen below).

Watch the hilarious skit below!

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