Eric Nam Prepares Simple Yet Sweet Proposal Event For Solar On “We Got Married”

Eric Nam proposed to Solar in a unique yet very sweet way on “We Got Married.”

On the recent episode of the show on June 4, Eric Nam prepares a whole meal for MAMAMOO’s Solar, including a salad, pasta, and a Hallabong (large tangerine-like citrus fruit) drink.

We got married 2

When she starts tasting the tangerine drink, Eric Nam tells her, “You have to drink the whole thing,” making her a bit confused.

We got married7 We got married 3

Having a bit of an idea that he has something prepared for her, Solar starts gulping down the drink quickly. When she gets to the bottom, the sentence “Will you marry me?” is written on the bottom of the cup.

We got married 6 we got married 8

Solar becomes ecstatic thanks to the unexpected surprise, and Eric Nam can’t hide his shy yet joyful emotions after seeing her reaction as well.

We got married 5

What do you think of Eric Nam’s event?

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