Watch: EXO’s Xiumin Charms Ra Mi Ran With Both Charisma and Aegyo

EXO’s Xiumin proves to be a master of all trades when it comes to wooing a girl’s heart.

On June 5, the cast of upcoming movie “Kim Sun Dal” sat down for an interview with MBC’s “Section TV.”

First, at the MC’s insistence, both Yoo Seung Ho and Xiumin are asked to show off how they would charm a girl in a charismatic way, as if they were “tough guys.” During the singer’s turn, he turns to co-star Ra Mi Ran and casually puts his arm around her, before softly asking, “Shall we go for a drive [together]?”

Xiumin Yoo Seung Ho

Later on in the interview, the cast talks about how young Xiumin looks compared to his age, and explains that while he is actually 27 years old (in Korea), his character in the movie is 16 years old. Yoo Seung Ho, who is three years younger than the idol, explains how it was easier for him to play an older character because Xiumin would act younger and cuter despite being the hyung (older brother).

Ra Mi Ran seconds his statement by saying, “Xiumin really has a lot of aegyo,” and prods him to demonstrate.

Yoo Seung Ho Go Chang Suk Ra Mi Ran Xiumin

Taken aback, the singer asks in a cute voice, “Aegyo? Here?,” before adorably expressing his discontent by playfully hitting the actress’s shoulders. Embarrassed, he immediately hides behind Ra Mi Ran afterwards.

Watch Xiumin’s charming antics below! (The charismatic attempt is at 0:23, and his cute attempt is at 1:53.)

Did he successfully charm his way into your heart as well?

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