Watch: GOT7’s Jackson And BamBam Devour Famous Military Burgers On “Real Men”

GOT7’s Jackson and BamBam have fallen for the famous military hamburgers.

On the June 5 episode of the “Enlisting Together” special of MBC’s “Real Men,” the new soldiers arrive at the cafeteria to find that the day’s menu includes military burgers, colloquially referred to as gundaeria as a play on the word gundae (military) and the name of fast food chain Lotteria.

After Jo Jae Yoon stacks his burger and takes a bite, he lights up and exclaims in an interview, “It tasted like bread baked by Italian artisans.”

jackson bambam

BamBam also gives the military hamburger rave reviews but regretfully comments, “Shouldn’t hamburgers come with soda? I’m upset they didn’t give us soda.”

Jackson is likewise delighted as he gobbles down his burger, and even goes for seconds. He says, “They were so good that I ate two of them.”

Watch them wolf down the famous hamburgers below!

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