Watch: Our Neighborhood Music General Attempts To Take 10th Consecutive Win On “King Of Masked Singer”

Many fans of the popular singing competition show “King of Masked Singer” were on the edge of their seat this week as they waited to see if contestant Our Neighborhood Music General would continue his amazing winning streak, or be defeated and have to reveal his identity!


On June 5’s episode of “King of Masked Singer,” Our Neighborhood Music General is shooting for his tenth win in a row, which he can take if he beats the contestant who wins the third round.

In round two, the contestant performing under the alias Escape Unemployment takes to the stage to perform Daybreak’s “Love Actually.” He wins the round, and goes on to defeat his opponent in the third round as well with his performance of Lee Eun Mi’s “Nocturne.”

king of mask singer 7

Escape Unemployment is now the challenger for the “King of Mask Singer” title, and Our Neighborhood Music General attempts to defend his throne with a fun performance of 015B’s “Lovers For a Very Long Time.”

Although everyone seems to enjoy his performance as much as ever, he is defeated by Escape Unemployment, who receives 66 points to Our Neighborhood Music General’s 33.

This means that after twenty weeks on the show, the moment has finally arrived for Our Neighborhood Music General to take off his mask. When he does, it’s revealed that he is Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun Woo – as many viewers and fans had predicted!

ha hyun woo 1

Kim Sung Joo asks him to talk about his time on the show, and Ha Hyun Woo jokes, “First of all, it was really hot. If I had known I’d be on for so long, I would have worn lighter clothes.”

He then adds, “I thought I would have got used to this stage after doing it for so long. But the anxiety and fear that I feel on this stage has never gone away, it’s always been as it was the first time. But I always saw everyone in the audience cheering me on, which gave me a lot of strength.”

He says it’s been a great experience for him because it allowed him to become Our Neighborhood Music General on stage, and he felt that he was able to be an even better singer while playing the role. Before he makes his exit, Ha Hyun Woo puts his mask back on and performs a line from one of his famous performances, which has everyone cheering once again.

king of mask singer 1

After his reveal, we get to see footage of Ha Hyun Woo behind the scenes of his previous episodes, as well as one of the show’s designer’s talking about the changes to his mask design over the weeks, messages from the celebrity panel, and interviews with the talented singer.

king of mask singer 6

We’re shown clips of Ha Hyun Woo trying to goof around with his expressionless security detail, happily admiring his dressing room and throne, shocking staff with his skills during rehearsals, and even raving about the quality of the show’s sofas, which he often took naps on during breaks.

king of mask singer 4

He explains in a former interview that he wanted to come on the show because an older fan had told him that she missed seeing him since his appearances on “I Am A Singer,” and asked him where he’d been all this time. This had surprised him, because he has been very active with Guckkasten. “I realized that I had to show my face and perform on television as well,” he comments.

Lastly, he says, “I thought I’d be sad taking off the mask, but when I did it, everyone told me I did a great job and worked hard. So I was able to end things happily and gratefully.”

ha hyun woo 2

Although fans will naturally be sad to see him no longer appearing as a contestant on the show, the preview for next week’s episode shares a glimpse of his return with a special performance as Our Neighborhood Music General!

On June 5, Ha Hyun Woo shared a photo to Twitter of himself holding up his Our Neighborhood Music General mask and “King of Mask Singer” mask while sitting in the famous throne. He writes as the caption, “I was so happy to be able to see you all every week, and it was an honor to be able to sing for all of you. I love you, thank you! – Our Neighborhood Music General.”

ha hyun woo

Watch Our Neighbourhood Music General’s performance, Ha Hyun Woo’s reveal, and all the fun backstage footage below!