Former S.E.S Member Bada To Make Her Comeback This Month

Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen: Bada is making her first comeback in seven years!

On June 6, Bada’s agency The Ocean Entertainment announced Bada will be releasing a new album and making her long-awaited full comeback on June 13.

Bada was revealed to be one of the contestants in the running for the crown on MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” this week, although she was unfortunately eliminated in the third round. Bada expressed her surprise at the number of people who recognized her from last week’s episode, saying, “It was a little disappointing that I was found out so fast, but I was even more thankful that so many people still remember me.”

The former S.E.S member continued, “I put my heart and soul into preparing this new album, and I plan to repay everyone who remembered me and has been waiting for me on the 13. I hope that everyone will give it a lot of love.”

Since her last round of promotions in 2009 with “See the Sea,” Bada has been focusing on a variety of other activities, including musicals, music-focused variety programs, drama OSTs, and digital singles.

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