“Running Man” PD Reveals Plans For A TWICE Special

TWICE is confirmed to return to “Running Man”!

In an interview with local news outlet DongA, “Running Man” PD Jung Chul Min commented on TWICE’s brief appearance on the June 5 episode of “Running Man,” also guest starring Yeo Jin Goo. Following the broadcast, many viewers expressed how they wished to see more footage of TWICE, who only took part in the name tag battle.


“Time just flew by during the filming. TWICE’s schedule allowed them to only stop by in the evening, but we’re grateful they did their best. The ‘Running Man’ members also wished they could’ve spent more time with TWICE.”

The PD then revealed plans for an entire episode starring only TWICE. “TWICE told us that they’ll work hard if we invite them again, so we promised to put together a TWICE special with all nine members in the future.”

Watch the latest “Running Man” episode featuring TWICE and Yeo Jin Goo below!

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1096426v-running-man-dangerous-table-episode-302

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