Watch: BTS Drops Making-Of Video For “Young Forever” MV

On June 6, BTS shared a surprise making-of video for their “Young Forever” MV!

In the video, leader Rap Monster explains that their concept is “cool guys who are wandering around inside a maze.” Jin laughs as he says, “I’m supposed to be wandering around inside it, but I keep finding the exit!” Later, Jungkook cutely catches feathers inside the maze and says, “I want to fly too!”

The video also shows the guys goofing around on the runway, trying to do speed walking races, and Jungkook giving Jin a sweet back hug. Jimin yells at the camera, “Everyone! We’re done filming the trailer. Now we’re going to eat!”

The guys say they’re pleased with the filming, and encourage ARMY to look forward to it. Rap Monster also talks about how he produced the song, and that he wrote its first draft. “Please listen to the first song I’ve produced, ‘Young Forever,’ a lot!” he adds with a big smile.

Watch the video below!

You can also watch the music video for “Young Forever” here.