Lee Dong Gook And Daebak Look Handsome Dressed In Traditional Clothing

On June 6, soccer player Lee Dong Gook uploaded picture of himself and his son Daebak onto his Instagram.

The two don matching gats, or traditional Korean headwear from the Joseon era, while wearing elegant hanboks (Korean traditional clothing).

Lee Dong Gook includes a caption that says, “Come hither~~,” and uses witty hashtags, “#gat Dong Gook #gat Daebak #gat Wealthy #His Excellency Lee #Outing to Gochang [County].”

His caption is a play on social media lingo “gat,” which represents the Korean pronunciation, not translation, of the English word “god.” People use it in front of proper nouns to play up the perceived power and importance of someone. “Gat” also is the Korean word for the hat that Lee Dong Gook and Daebak are wearing.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Gook, Daebak, and the rest of their family appears every Sunday on KBS’s “The Return of Superman.”