10 Moments All Single People Have Watching Romantic Dramas

It feels like you aren’t the only single person out there until you sit down on your bed or couch and start watching a drama, where someone can find love so easily and seemingly anywhere: at work, the random stranger that just walked past, or even right next door. In real life though, finding love can be like hoping to encounter a celebrity on the street; possible, but not very likely. Below are some moments that probably feel all-too-familiar to single people watching a romantic drama.

1. You see a cliché scene and roll your eyes, thinking, “Like that will ever happen in real life.”

But then you secretly hope that it will.

2. Real life gets put on hold until you finish the drama.

Because you know, priorities! That means limited potty breaks, temporary house arrest, reduced sleeping time, and no outside contact.

3. You feel an unfamiliar warm feeling and your heart beats faster when that one person shows up on your screen.

Might it be…love? You’re not entirely sure either though because it’s been too long.

4. Analyze your drama crush from head to toe and every other angle possible.

How can someone be so beautifully perfect?! Do people like this exist in real life? So far your theory is no.

5. Every time the camera shows a close-up shot of your drama crush, you imagine that he or she is courting you, not that other person in the drama.

6. Get frustrated with your drama crush for being in love with that other person on screen.

Hello, you’re right here and SO much better than that competition. Why are you still single?!

7. Builds up even more unrealistic expectations about meeting your perfect match in real life.

You already had very high standards, and now it is nearing impossible.

8. If anyone tries to remind you that you’re single, you tell them you aren’t, because you’ve already given your heart to your drama crush.

9. Have an urge to go out to eat after watching delicious food featured in a drama only to not follow through because you hate eating alone in public.


10. Life feels empty when you finish the drama and you feel like you’ve been dumped.

You’re single again.

But in the end, who cares, because single or not, we will always have dramas in our lives. Just keep the drama on.

squishysushi is a self-professed drama addict that aims to spread the Asian drama love. She swears by a diet of dramas and travel as the secret to life. 

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