9MUSES’s Kyungri Responds To Rumors That She Smokes

9MUSES’s Kyungri speaks up against rumors claiming that she is a chain-smoker.

On June 6, Kyungri directly addressed the rumors on her personal Twitter, “I may drink, but I do not smoke. Do not spread rumors. No matter how sexy you may think I look… In contrast to how I look, I’m mild.”

In response to comments accusing her of antagonizing people who smoke, she posted a second tweet, “I don’t think badly of people who smoke. There are people around me who I like that smoke frequently. It’s your right, and it’s not my place to say do this or that.”

She continues, “All I wanted to say was that I am a milder person than you think since I was hearing all these rumors. I hope that no one misunderstands.”

What are your thoughts on Kyungri’s response to the rumors?

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