EXO’s Chanyeol Reveals Snippet Of Self-Produced Song With Lyrics Written By Fans

EXO’s Chanyeol gifts fans with one of the sweetest acts of fanservice yet.

During his own individual broadcast he held through V Live + on June 7, the singer gave a tour of his own personal studio, a place that has often been featured in many of his social media posts. He also let fans listen to some of the songs he’s composed, but never revealed to the public.

However, Chanyeol had a special surprise for the main event. Titled, “Producer: That Man Chanyeol, Lyricist: That Girl EXO-L,” the singer says he will produce a song on the spot, along with Beatburger’s MQ, who was also in the studio during the broadcast. Not only would fans get to see how Chanyeol actually composes, but he also explains that he will use lyrics made by the fans themselves.

To watch a singer produce in real-time is a rare occurrence, and it was made extra special by involving the fans. Using the various lines that fans suggest in the comment section, the two quickly produce a short, rough track.

As promised, Chanyeol later on uploaded a short clip of the song he produced, and adds a comment that he had lots of fun during the broadcast.

Simply titled “Moon,” the lyrics talk about longing for someone and wishing the distance between them could disappear.

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think!

song by MQ,CY lyrics by EXO-L 그남자 작곡 그여자 작사 재밌었어요✌ #V앱 #떼창기대함

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