Ahn Jae Hyun Talks About How Happy He Is With Ku Hye Sun And Their Future Plans

On June 7’s episode of “New Journey to the West 2,” Ahn Jae Hyun talks a bit about his plans for the future with his new wife, Ku Hye Sun.

As the cast’s maknae, Ahn Hae Hyun cooks up a storm in the kitchen for the guys’ breakfast. While he’s hard at work, he says, “My dream has always been to be a good dad. I’ve always wanted to have a happy family more than I wanted to be an A-list celebrity. But you need a job in order to live that kind of life, you know?”

He says, “I think that all you need is the financial ability to help the people you love.” He adds, “Ku-nim agrees with that,” using his cute nickname for Ku Hye Sun.

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A member of the crew asks him, “Then do you want to have a child with Ku Hye Sun early on?”

“No,” he replies right away. “I’ve changed my mind on that. I want to be a good husband. Before we got married, I thought to myself that I wanted to be a good dad. But now I want to be a good husband.”

“So I want to keep having fun with Ku-nim on our own,” Ahn Jae Hyun says. “Even once we have a child, I think I’ll be saying ‘I love you’ to my wife first before I say it to our son or daughter. But maybe everyone changes after saying that?”

He then suddenly exclaims, “It’s so great right now! I can’t even explain it in words.”

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Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun began dating after starring in the drama “Blood” together in 2015. The pair recently registered their marriage in May.

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