“Boys24” Contestants Show Off Their Skills In “Rising Star” MV

Mnet’s upcoming survival program “Boys24” has released a song and music video titled “Rising Star!”

In the music video, the 49 boys hang out in various locations such as a classroom, a subway station, and a gas station. At the end all 49 members perform an intense dance routine in sharp white suits.

Like in the show, the boys in the MV are divided into various units that perform together. Meanwhile, the song is fast-paced with a heavy beat that is adapted well for the various dance breaks.

The first episode of “Boys24” will air on June 18. Every episode, the units will compete with one another to be one of the final 24 contestants. The final 24 will perform a series of live concerts for a year together before a final unit is selected to debut as an idol group.

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