Chinese Flight Attendant Becomes Famous For Being A Song Joong Ki Look-Alike

Photos of a flight attendant who looks just like actor Song Joong Ki’s have been making rounds online.

Various Chinese media outlets have published snapshots of a crew member of a Chinese airline who is rapidly gaining popularity for being a Song Joong Ki lookalike.

feng ming

One of the images show the man dressed neatly in his cabin crew uniform, placing a passenger’s luggage into the overhead compartment.

Many are fascinated by how strongly the flight attendant’s light complexion and soft expression resemble that of the “Descendants of the Sun” star.

Media outlets discovered that the Song Joong Ki lookalike is a 24-year-old employee of China Southern Airlines named Feng Ming.

feng ming

His appearance has even caused confusion among passengers who mistake him for the real Song Joong Ki, making some people shriek in surprise upon seeing the attendant, while others declare in online communities that they saw the actor in the airplane.

Feng Ming’s photos continue to accumulate views and reactions in various online communities around China.

feng ming

Do you think he looks like Song Joong Ki?

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