INFINITE Celebrates 6th Anniversary With Fans Through Live Broadcast

June 9 is INFINITE’s sixth debut anniversary, and they celebrated the special event with their fans by hosting their own live broadcast the evening before!

Each of the members talk about their feelings on their sixth anniversary. Woohyun says, “I wanted to do an anniversary show like this where we could talk with the fans, and my dream has come true.”

Sungjong, who wasn’t able to participate in their fifth anniversary broadcast, says he will work harder to be an even bigger star, and says he wants to try acting. Woohyun recently made his debut as a solo artist, and Sungjong says to him, “I’m really proud of you for developing so much, not only just as your fellow member.” Sunggyu also says, “I think you’ve already surpassed me. You were really great.”


The guys also have a great time looking at some of their “best” and “worst” airport fashion from over the years, and even talk to fans over the phone.

After being made to show off his aegyo skills, Hoya says, “There aren’t many groups that make it to their sixth anniversary unscathed. It’s a miracle in itself that we’ve it this far without any big incidents, and it’s a big deal that we’ve had our fans together with us throughout these past six years.”

Sunggyu talks about all the things the guys have been doing individually, including Woohyun’s solo activities, Hoya’s acting, L’s new drama, Sunggyu’s role in the musical “Elvis Presley,” and more. However, the group promises that they’ll be returning with a great album including all seven of their members.

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INFINITE made their debut on June 9, 2010 with their first mini album “First Invasion.”

Congratulations, INFINITE!

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