Park Shin Hye Talks About Chemistry With Kim Rae Won In Upcoming Drama “Doctors”

Actress Park Shin Hye has discussed her chemistry with “Doctors” co-star Kim Rae Won.

The actress held “Shin Hye V Live Episode 1 – An Exciting First Greeting” through V app where she talked about how well she and Kim Rae Won get along.

She commented that she doesn’t know if she will end up singing for the drama’s OST, and said that the set is very hot but they are able to film comfortably with the help of the beverages and snacks sent by fans.

She noticed questions about her recent weight loss after “Pinocchio” and answered that though she lost the baby fat on her cheeks, her body weight has not changed by much.

park shin hye

During the live broadcast, the actress continuously read her fans’s real-time comments and sent them finger hearts through the video.

Furthermore, when Park Shin Hye reads comments saying she looks like she is aging backwards, she denies this and says, “Please don’t lie. I am aging.”

When asked about her chemistry with Kim Rae Won, she states, “It’s really good. I’m usually with friends my age, but Kim Rae Won is older than me. He’s my senior from the same school. I was so nervous at first but he treats me very nicely so I’m able to film comfortably and happily.”

SBS’s “Doctors” is set to premiere on June 20.

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