SISTAR’s Soyou Clarifies Misunderstandings About Drinking And Her Husky Voice

SISTAR’s Soyou talked about her husky voice during the June 8 episode of “Welcome Show.”

During the live Naver V broadcast, SISTAR members share their individual makeup secrets. Dasom reveals that she mixes a powder blush with either a lip gloss or vaseline to make it a cream blush. She says, “Looking at the color I just made, you may look drunk if you put too much of this on.”

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Dasom asks MC Lee Seo Jin, “Do you like girls who like to drink?” and he replies, “Don’t you think people become more honest when they have a bit of alcohol in them?”

Then Lee Seo Jin asks Soyou if she likes to drink, too. Soyou says, “I like soju.”

When he starts saying that Soyou looks like she would drink well because of her husky voice, Soyou explains, “There seems to be a misunderstanding here. My voice was husky ever since I was in elementary school.”

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