Hoya Touches Hearts With Ballad Cover On INFINITE’s 6th Anniversary

INFINITE member Hoya has a special gift for Inspirits on INFINITE’s sixth anniversary since debut.

On June 9, Hoya released a ballad cover via his personal YouTube Channel of singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin’s hit ballad “Uphill Road.”

Hoya seems to be talking directly to his fans through the lyrics of the touching ballad, which speak to a lover, friend, and/or companion who has faithfully walked with the narrator along an uphill road. “I love you, you who go along with me on this road,” Hoya croons.

INFINITE made their debut six years ago on June 9 with their first mini album “First Invasion.” To celebrate their sixth debut anniversary, the members of INFINITE hosted a live broadcast on the eve of their debut.

Happy sixth birthday, INFINITE!