Update: SISTAR Releases New Group Teaser For Comeback

Updated June 14 KST:

SISTAR has revealed a new group teaser image!

Updated June 10 KST:

SISTAR has revealed new teaser images for Soyou and Dasom now. Check them out below!

Soyou 1

Soyou 2 Soyou 3

Dasom 1 Dasom 2 Dasom 3


After releasing several riddles and eye contact teasers, SISTAR has revealed new individual teaser images for their upcoming comeback.

The group has revealed these images exclusive to Naver Music. First up are members Hyorin and Bora. Each member has three separate teaser images. Some focus on the face and others reveal more of their new outfits and concept.

Check them out below!

Hyorin 1

Hyorin 2 Hyorin 3

Bora 1 Bora 2 Bora 3

What are your thoughts on their teasers so far? Stay tuned for more updates!

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