Watch: EXID, FIESTAR, Luna, And CLC Share Beauty And Diet Tips

MBC’s YouTube channel MBig TV has released a behind-the-scenes video that features EXID, FIESTAR, f(x)’s Luna, and CLC sharing beauty and diet tips. The stars can be seen in their waiting rooms for “Music Core” and provide real tips that they use themselves.

EXID’s Solji reveals that she tries to use one face mask each day. LE adds on that and advises against using the same face mask every day and to switch it up to prevent your skin from getting used to a specific mask. Hyerin shares that she uses massage cream for her swollen legs as well. Member Hani says she puts in eye drops and applies vaseline on her lips before sleeping. The members also recommend tailoring makeup for your individual needs and preferences rather than simply following trends.

Rookie group CLC talks about how the group is trying different makeup trends with their comeback including pink eyebrows, blue mascara, orange eyeshadow, and more. Yujin reveals she doesn’t drink carbonated beverages before going on stage because it can lead to burping. Elkie says she doesn’t eat spicy food before going on stage as well.

FIESTAR focused on health tips with Linzy suggesting using stairs instead of elevators when there is no time to exercise separately. Hyemi says she does squats in the waiting room and Jei tries to walk at least 30 minutes every day. Cao Lu emphasizes that one needs self-confidence in order to be beautiful.

Lastly, Luna reveals she dieted by eating egg whites and salad. Furthermore, she strongly urged that starvation isn’t healthy and it’s better to eat lots of vegetables instead.

Check out the video with English subtitles below!

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