Rough Day? This 30-Second Clip Of Daebak Giggling Will Cheer You Right Up

If you’re having a hard day today, or even if you’re not, Daebak is here to make you smile!

On June 8, Daebak’s mom Lee Soo Jin uploaded a video of him having an absolutely great time on his own. In the caption, she explains that he was spending some rare quiet time on his own without any of his four older sisters!

In the video, Daebak jumps happily on a mini-trampoline while saying “Jump! Jump!”, and then dissolves into a giggle fit on his own which ends with him collapsing on the floor.

Get your daily dose of Daebak cuteness below.

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You can watch Daebak and his big family on “The Return of Superman” every Sunday! Catch the latest episode below.

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