8 Selfie Apps That Have Got Korea Hooked

So you have just snapped that sweet, 45-degree angle, pouty aegyo-look selfie, and are about to share it with your social followers. Well, hold that Instagram post and check out our top favorite selfie apps that K-stars and many others are using for you to get your hands on!


Snow is the Korean equivalent of Snapchat with a ton of animated selfies to choose from. Unlike its western counterpart, Snow doesn’t use a preview timer and delivers you more aegyo content with various K-pop celebrities in the mix. If you ever visit a Korean cafe, you’ll most likely see a group of students having fun with this app!


Editor’s Choice! ❤❤❤❤ Rating 4/5

Pros: Engaging and fun with a variety of Snow-faces to choose from. Save your Snow snaps and send them to your friends to watch over and over!
Cons: Hard to put down – which means it will drain your battery the more you use it.

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2. Camera 360

A contender to Snow and Snapchat, Camera 360 is a popular face recognition app in Korea. Additionally unlike Snapchat, this app allows you to take selfie pics with a full range of filters to use and gives you full control of adjusting your snaps; like eliminating acne and slimming your face.

1_CAM360 2_CAM360

Editor’s Choice! ❤❤❤❤ Rating 4/5

Pros: Great tool for making selfies. Plenty of functions to utilize in creating that perfect photo. They also have their own Snapchat-like facial recognition camera with a fun variety of sticker animations to select.
Cons: Most of the sticker visuals appear cartoonish and overall childish. You are also limited with the amount of filters to apply on this feature. There aren’t a lot of options for photo-smoothing your video and it’s limited to certain filters – and that is somewhat a negative… okay, for myself at least >_<;;

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3. Cymera

Cymera allows you to retouch your selfies, create memes, photo collages, and beautify your face, allowing yourself to obtain an exaggerated chiseled jaw line with large anime eyes. This app provides you with easy-to-use photo functionalities such as facial blur, highlights, shadows, and many other adjustments to fiddle around with.


❤❤❤❤ Rating 4/5

Pros: Good user interface with a variety of filters + tools to use, including the flexibility to contour and blemish your face or warp it entirely by using the liquify tool. Creating collages are a nice addition for your snaps, with several photo-lens to choose from and with the ability to purchase more filters and items from their store.
Cons: Sometimes having less is more, and if we really want to falsify our appearance then we’d use Photoshop. It may take a while to get used to all of the functions that this app throws at you and some of the features such as the fish eye lens is more of a gimmick than a usable feature – but hey, it’s there!

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4. Instasize

You could say this is Instagram’s assisting sidekick, since there’s even the hashtag (#instasize) in Korean. This app allows your audience to view your full-sized picture without it being cropped into a square and has an array of filters and collage frames to choose from – #nocrop #fullsize #collages

1_Instasize 2_Instasize

❤❤❤ Rating 3/5

Pros: Great tool for Instagram users! It allows you to show a full-size image of your pic. There are many collage frames you could use and the additional filters give you that extra bit of class.
Cons: Even if you have a full-size image, the end result is still boxed and some people actually like the 1:1 boxed ratio, especially if you are posting something that is intended for Instagram.

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5. Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus has been around for some time and has become a popular photo-filter app in Korea. The selfie cam displays the results in real time without the need to take a photo before you apply a filter. It also has a great range of effects, the ability to add stickers, touch-up your pics, and record video selfies.


❤❤❤ Rating 3/5

Pros: Delivers great photo results – not only for selfie use, but it can make everyday shots, such as food, look stunning, or make your dog or cat appear ridiculously adorable! It is a simple photo filter app, but its simplicity gives you the right amount of options without over complicating the final product.
Cons: The video selfie option would be better if the recording was a lot smoother. We had some issues with the sound which was lagging, and the frame rate dropped at certain times. And with a lack of options, it almost makes you want to use another photo filter app that offers more.

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6. Photo Wonder

You could say that this app is like your personal makeup artist on a phone. Similar to Cymera, you can add lip gloss, blush, circle lenses, eyelashes, and eyeliner to your face with one touch of a button. It’s great when you need to add makeup on your selfie without physically doing so.


Editor’s Choice! ❤❤❤❤ Rating 4/5

Pros: A gracious range of colorful filters to choose from. Adding makeup, warping your face, changing your eye color, and other facial tweaks are a breeze and quite fun to explore.
Cons: Some of the makeup features that you apply on your face may either give you a decent look or appear rather tacky, as if a two-year-old child applied the makeup. This app would be even better if you had the ability of obtaining REAL cosmetic products to apply on your face, but now we’re just being greedy.

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7. B612

Developed by Line, B612 needs no introduction to the Korean selfie community. This wonderful app allows you to create multiple video snaps and stitch them into a photo booth style collage. With a wide range of filters and music to choose from, this app is wonderful for taking pics with friends, or sending multiple snaps of yourself (or from your stored photos), and sharing them on multiple social platforms.

1_B612 2_B612

Editor’s Choice! ❤❤❤❤❤ Rating 5/5

Pros: Easy to use interface and video recording is just a touch of a button. The filters are previewed in real time, which are almost “magical.” And the ability to add chill-laxing tunes to your videos adds that extra sweetness to your snaps!
Cons: It takes a little time to get used to the minimalistic icon controls where you’ll have to guess what each icon does. This app is hard to put down, so make sure you have an extra battery and additional memory space if you are intending to take plenty of shots.

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8. Candy Camera

Similar to B612, this app delivers a great range of filters to choose with a wide variety of colorful jazzy stickers to add on your snap – it’s almost like having your own sticker photo booth but without the booth.


Editor’s Choice! ❤❤❤❤ Rating 4/5

Pros: You can create tiled collages with a wide range of filters, together with color correction controls and a treasure-trove of stickers at your disposal. Video recording also has a number of filters and a variety of music to choose from, plus you have the option to save them as animated gifs. There’s also a censored face mosaic filter, because why not?!
Cons: Unlike B612, you cannot create a collage on video mode, and as much as we adore this app, we could simply use B612 instead. But since it has its own set of music and an extensive selection of stickers, there is still a lot of need for this Candy App!

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Bonus: Foodie

Here’s a bonus review and a treat for you food bloggers. Foodie is not entirely an app for taking selfie pics, and as the app name suggests, this one is specifically for taking delicious food-porn pics. With a tasty range of vibrant filters, this app delivers a feast of indulging snaps ready to serve on your blog.

1_Foodie 2_Foodie

❤❤❤ Rating 3/5

Pros: Good for food lovers who like to take their time on the dining table to get that perfect shot. You also have the ability to take a video and apply an appetizing filter. Simple, but tasty!
Cons: Apart from taking delicious pics, it pretty much serves that only purpose – food pics. Besides the generic functions you’d expect from a photo filter app with the addition of applying iris blurs, vignettes, photo cropping and lighting adjustments, that’s pretty much all you will get from Foodie.

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Which one of these pocket photo tools has become your favorite selfie app? Give us a comment below and share your thoughts.

Cee Ng is the founder and editor-in-chief of K-Beauty Now. A Soompi member since 2005, her love and passion for K-pop, K-drama, and Korean culture has led her to pursue her dream and build a world of Korean beauty dedicated to the global community.

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