Watch: EXO’s Suho Becomes A Romantic Musical Star On “Duet Song Festival”

EXO’s Suho shows off his singing skills in his first ever “solo stage” since debut!

On June 10, Suho, Bada, Na Yoon Kwon, and Yangpa joined So Chan Whee and B1A4’s Sandeul to compete in an exciting episode of MBC’s “Duet Song Festival.”

Suho Lee Sae Rin

An avid viewer of the show himself, Suho joins forces with Lee Sae Rin, who used to be an idol trainee. The two prepare a lovely, musical-like performance of Kim Hyun Chul’s “What’s the Matter.”

Following their bright and colorful stage, contestant Lee Sae Rin says, “I was less nervous thanks to Suho oppa. But, Suho oppa instead was more nervous.”

The singer reveals, “Today is the first time I’m singing without my fellow EXO members. This was a solo debut stage for me.”

EXO Suho

Even when Suho was previously choosing his partner, he continously fidgets due to his nervousness. However, he still watches all applicants’ videos carefully, commenting that “this voice would work well with Baekhyun. I think they sound similar,” to one applicant in particular.


Earlier in the show, the idol also revealed that he actually sang one of fellow contestant Na Yoon Kwon’s songs for his SM audition.

He explains, “[I sang] a song called ‘Her Back.’ Actually, I wanted to remake one of [Na Yoon Kwon] sunbae’s songs for today’s stage, but when I heard he was also included in the lineup, I quickly erased that idea.”

After hearing Suho’s unexpected confession, Na Yoon Kwon expresses his disappointment, answering, “I wish you did.”

Watch a part of Suho and Lee Sae Rin’s “mini musical” below!

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