EXO’s D.O. Dishes On His Acting Aspirations And Working With Kim So Hyun

EXO’s D.O. sits down for an interview with a Japanese media outlet for his movie “Pure Love.”

Released on June 10, the interview covers a range of topics, from D.O.’s acting aspirations to working with actress Kim So Hyun, his co-star in “Pure Love.”

“I have a lot of sunbaes that I respect including Jo In Sung and Lee Byung Hun. I also have a lot [sunbaes that I respect] abroad. I am putting in the effort in order to become a better actor like them,” D.O. shares.

“If given the opportunity, I want to try my hand at all kinds of characters. I want to play characters that are the exact opposite of the characters I’ve played,” D.O. says. “For example, I want to play a really evil man.”

D.O. also talks about working with co-star Kim So Hyun, “She has acted since she was young, and since she’s six years younger than me she did feel young, but after we started filming and started talking, I found that she is considerate and that there are a lot of areas in which she is wiser than her peers.”

He adds, “During the filming too, the vibe on set was positive, and we had good chemistry.”

Meanwhile, D.O.’s film “Pure Love” premiered in Japan on June 11.

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