Choi Yoojung Reveals How Many Times They Practiced “Pick Me” For “Produce 101”

I.O.I’s Choi Yoojung has shared details about the intense practice sessions for the hit song “Pick Me.”

On the June 11 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Immortal Song,” I.O.I makes its first appearance on the popular music show.

ioi immortal song

While in the waiting room, the girls put on a performance of the “Produce 101” hit “Pick Me” for their fellow contestants and the panel members. Following the dance break, Moon Hee Jun shares how he noticed “something unusual” in the I.O.I members’ stage behavior. He comments, “It’s not common for singers to cheer like fans while performing.”

ioi immortal song

Addressing their energetic shouts and cheers, member Choi Yoojung explains how those turned into a habit, “I’m not joking when I say that we practiced the choreography of ‘Pick Me’ over 100 times with all 101 girls. Once we got tired, we restored our energy levels by cheering together [while dancing].”

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