JYJ’s Junsu Talks About Wanting To Become Closer With Labelmate Ryu Jun Yeol

JYJ’s Junsu talked about how close he is with his labelmate actor Ryu Jun Yeol.

During his “2016 XIA 5th Asia Tour Concert in Seoul XIGNATURE” press conference on June 11, Junsu mentioned Ryu Jun Yeol, who is housed under C-Jes Entertainment just like him.

He started off saying, “I came to know Ryu Jun Yeol because he is my labelmate. We both like soccer. One thing that disappoints me is the fact that I haven’t gotten the chance to really sit down and talk with him. Ryu Jun Yeol started filming ‘Reply 1988‘ right when he entered our company and was really busy. I was busy, too, and our schedules didn’t work out. I don’t know if he’ll come to the concert but he did promote my album through his SNS.”

Junsu continued, “I laughed seeing that because I was thankful. I heard he’s a very optimistic friend and I bet he’ll match with my personality. I want to have a cup of coffee with him and chat. I bought him a kimchi refrigerator but he says it didn’t arrive yet. I think he’ll send a picture of it when it gets to him.”

What do you think about their friendship?

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