Actress Sung Hyun Ah’s Prostitution Case Resolved After Six Years

In 2014, actress Sung Hyun Ah was charged with prostitution and fined 2 million won (about $1700).

On June 10, the Suwon District Court ruled that she was not guilty of the charges. Due to her health, the actress was not in attendance at the hearing and only her legal representative was present.

Sung Hyun Ah was accused of having sexual relations with a private businessman three times in 2010 in exchange for 50 million won (about $43,000). She was also accused of engaging in escort activity in 2013.

The actress appealed the original verdict in 2014 and the case went all the way to the Supreme Court. In February, the Supreme Court evaluated the case, dismissed the fine, and referred the case back to the Suwon District Court. The court ruled that there was a possibility that Sung Hyun Ah met the businessman with honest intentions and found her not guilty.

According to Sung Hyun Ah’s representatives, “A [the alleged buyer] was introduced to her through B [the alleged broker] as a genuine candidate for marriage. But after learning that he had no intention of marriage, she separated from him. A met many female celebrities and B facilitated those meetings and Sung Hyun Ah simply got caught up in the scandal. It was not a sponsorship.”

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